Bass Guitar Lessons in Newcastle

Howling Wolves Studios is a music tutoring business in Whitebridge, Newcastle, Australia. It specialises in guitar, bass guitar and ukulele lessons. Bass guitar lessons at the studio are customised and tailored to suit each student's level of experience and interests.

The studio has an open door policy, and encourages parents, family and friends to sit in on lessons, if they wish. Howling Wolves Studios is run and owned by Newcastle muso Eddie Garven has over a decade of experience teaching guitar, bass guitar and ukulele and has a current working with children check.

Howling Wolves Studios provides a fun, comfortable and structured learning environment that builds confidence within the student. Each student's creative freedom and own unique voice is developed and encouraged.

The bass guitar is the bridge that connects rhythm, harmony and melody. It has the ability to change the drive and feel of the music across all styles. The bass guitar has a close relationship with the drums and is integral in ensemble performance as well as being a unique solo instrument.

Bass guitar lessons at Howling Wolves Studios will focus on playing techniques, music theory, and all the skills necessary to allow you to perform the songs you love, as well as the ones you want to create.


 *This offer is valid for first timers only

Usual rate is $30 per thirty minute lesson or $300 per ten week term

60 minute lessons are also available at $55 per lesson or $550 per ten week term

One off 'casual' lessons are available at $40 per thirty minute lesson but are subject to availability.

Howling Wolves Studios

34 Station St, Newcastle NSW 2290

ph: +61425 255 175

Open Hours

Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm

Howling Wolves Studios

34 Station St, Newcastle NSW 2290

ph: 0425 255 175


34 Station Street, Newcastle 2290
0425 255 175
Opening Hours
Monday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
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